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You love your mother and your mother loves you too.  The thought of somebody saying something about your mother will make your blood boil.  You’re with your friends and out of the crowd you hear, Yo mama So Fat that she fell in love and broke it!  The crowd around you is laughing  and everybody is looking at you!  You’re so upset, you don’t know what to say next.  Don’t get mad, get even!  Don’t worry, Yo Mama Jokes Hub has your back.

This is the largest collection of Yo Mama Jokes on the web. We’ve mixed up classic Yo Mama Jokes along with new school Yo Mama Jokes. Our huge collection of Jokes has been organized so you can easily find old favorites as per your need and desire and maybe even discover some new ones. So scroll down our gallery of jokes below and add them to your comedy arsenal of insults.  So next time some wise guy tries to get over on you, you’ll be prepared.