Yo Mama So Ghetto

Yo Mama Jokes-Yo Mama So Ghetto

Yo Mama So Ghetto Jokes, is another great set of Yo Mama Jokes to have in your arsenal of jokes. This set of Yo Mama Jokes will insult those mother’s are straight hood!  No better way to break down the your opponent by insulting their not so classy mother. So check these yo mama so ghetto jokes and add them to your arsenal.

Yo  mama so ghetto he bought a new vacuum and put the old one in the new box and returned it to the store.

Yo  mama so ghetto he runs an extension cord trough your yard to use the neighbors electricity.

Yo  mama so ghetto her best friend has the same baby daddy and they joke about it.

Yo  mama so ghetto her engagement ring is from the pawn shop

Yo  mama so ghetto her face is on the front of a foodstamp.

Yo  mama so ghetto her phone bill is nothing but 911 calls

Yo  mama so ghetto she breastfeeds Kool-aid, shits chicken bones, and pisses grape soda

Yo  mama so ghetto she brings Ziplock bags in her purse to a buffet.

Yo  mama so ghetto she goes to Coinstar to cash in her change in order to eat something from the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Yo  mama so ghetto she makes a homeless person look like a millionaire!

Yo  mama so ghetto she makes spaghetti with ramen noodles and ketchup packets.

Yo  mama so ghetto she steals toilet paper from public restrooms.

Yo  mama so ghetto she uses candy wrappers as wall paper

Yo  mama so ghetto she wears red, neon green, purple, and yellow in the same damn outfit.

Yo  mama so ghetto that all ya movies and cd’s are bootleg

Yo  mama so ghetto that she still plays with baby toys

Yo  mama so ghetto that when you asked her for a glass of milk she said pick a titty.

Yo  mama so ghetto the bitch breastfed you with gin and juice.

Yo  mama so ghetto when I went over her house and asked what’s for dinner she opened her legs and said fish sticks.

Yo  mama so ghetto when she does grocery shopping she hide packets of kool-aid under the box of ramen noodles.

Yo  mama so ghetto when she runs out of lotion she uses crisco instead

Yo  mama so ghetto when the doctor takes her blood only weed and kool-aid come out

Yo  mama so ghetto, her baby daddy and her boyfriend share a bunk-bed.

Yo  mama so ghetto, her idea of a fortune cookie is a tortilla with a food stamp in it.

Yo  mama so ghetto, her idea of a fortune cookie is an Oreo with a food stamp in the middle.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she brings fried chicken to the movie theater.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she came to McDonald with a gallon and filled it up with sweet tea.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she does drive by shootings on the bus.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she makes Kool-Aid without adding sugar.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she pretends her pager is a cellphone.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she puts her food stamps in a money clip.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she was born in a bucket at KFC.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she washes paper plates.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she wheelies on a ten speed.

Yo  mama so ghetto, she’s got 40oz. tits.

Yo  mama so ghetto, the only gold she wears is on her teeth.

Yo  momma so ghetto all her wigs are bright a** colors.

Yo  momma so ghetto she rips off the cover from the phone book and uses it as a dust pan.

Yo  momma so ghetto she sells her food stamps to get her nails done.